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Time of the Wolf -Le Temps du Loup

TIME OF THE WOLF reunites French actress Isabelle Huppert with director Michael Haneke after the international success of their last collaboration, THE PIANO TEACHER.

Time of the Wolf was screened out of competition in the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Patrice Chéreau, a member of that year’s jury, stars in the film, which made the film ineligible for any award. The film was also screened at the Sitges Film Festival, where it won Best Screenplay and was in the running for Best Film.

Time of the Wolf
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An apocalyptic calamity has left the people of Europe struggling to survive amidst drastic shortages of food and water. George (Daniel Duval 28 November 1944 – 10 October 2013) and Anne (Huppert) have decided to flee the city to their country house. With meagre supplies, they set out to protect their children, Eva and Ben. To their surprise and horror, they find the house already occupied by another equally desperate family. The ensuing confrontation forever changes the lives of Anne and her children.
They are set adrift in a chaotic, often indifferent world in which their survival hinges on the strained compassion of those they encounter.
TIME OF THE WOLF features a cast of France’s best actors, including Olivier Gourmet (THESON), Beatrice Dalle (BETTY BLUE), and Patrice Chereau (director of INTIMACY).

TIME OF THE WOLF is Hankeke’s most intense and hopeful film, a masterful work of frightening relevance.
“VISIONARY! A REMARKABLE CAST! Such close observation of humanity is an act of love.” VILLAGE VOICE.

“COMPASSIONATE AND INTENSE! A remarkable evocation of a society in crisis. “


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