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“Le Livre, Le Film: French Screen Adaptations”

“Le Livre, Le Film: French Cinema Screen Adaptations”, a selection of 30 French films, based on French novels, plays or short stories, featuring an impressive array of acting and directing talents. The delicate yet demanding art of shaping literary and dramatic works into film, in the rich context of French cinema.

cinema la livre le filmcinema la bête humaine

Gigi. (1949 90 mn), Jacqueline Audry .Based one of Colette’s most popular novels. (1944).

Poil de Carotte. (1932, 94 mn),Julien Duvivier. Jules Renard’s. autobiographical novel. (1894).


Jules and Jim.Francois Truffaut,(1962 102 mn). A novel by Henri-Pierre Roché. (1953).

Les Parents Terribles Jean Cocteau,(1948, 98 mn). A play by Jean Cocteau. (1938).

La Mort en ce jardin Luis Buñuel (1956 99-108 mn).A novel by José-André Lacour. (1954).

La Belle et la Bête Jean Cocteau.(1946, 95mn) A fairy tale by Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s. (1757).

Les yeux sans visage. Georges Franju. (1960, 90 mn).A horror novel. by Jean Redon. (1959).

La Bête Humaine. Jean Renoir (1938, 90 mn).A novel by Emil Zola. (1890).

Thérèse Duqueyroux.  Georges Franju (1962, 109 mn) .A novel by François Mauriac.(1927).

 Thérèse Raquin. Marcel Carné (1953, 106 mn). A novel by Émil Zola.(1867).

Gervaise. René Clément  (1956, 116 mn).Based on the novel L’Assommoir by Émil Zola.(1876).

Jeux Interdits. René Clément  (1952, 102 mn).A novel by François Boyer.(1952).-[originally Les Jeux inconnus 1947].

Journal d’un Curé de Campagne. Robert Bresson (1951, 117 mn).A novel by Georges Bernanos [1936].

Le Trou. Jacques Becker (1960, 132 mn).A novel by José Giovanni [1957].

Goupi-Mains-Rouges. Jacques Becker (1943, 104 mn).A detective novel by Pierre Very [1937].

Douce. Claude Autant-Lara (1943, 104 mn).A novel by Michel Davet [1940]

Un Dimanche à la Campagne. Bertrand Tavernier (1984, 94 mn).A novel by Pierre Bost, Monsieur L’admiral va bientôt mourir [1945]

L’Horloger de Saint-Paul. Bertrand Tavernier (1974,105 mn).Based on the novel L’Horloger d’Everton by Georges Simenon [1954].

Boule de Suif.  Christian-Jaque (1945, 90 mn). An adaptation of the two short stories, Boule de Suif [1880]and Madamoiselle Fifi [1882] , by Guy de Maupassant.

Le Plaisir. Max Ophüls (1952, 97 mn). An adaption of three novels, Le Masque [1889], La Maison Tellier [1881] et Le Modèle [1883] , by Guy de Maupassant 

Madame Bovary. Claude Chabrol (1991,143 mn).A novel ,Madame Bovary. Mœurs de Province, by Gustave Flaubert  [1857]. 

Charterhouse of Parma Christian Jaque (1948, 170 mn). A novel by Stendhal [1839].

Le Rouge et le Noir Claude Autant-Lara (1954, 170 mn). A novel in two volumes,Le Rouge et le Noir, sous-titré Chronique du xixe siècle, then Chronique de 1830 by Stendhal [ 1830] 

Léon Morin, Prêtre Jean Pierre Melville (1961, 111 mn). A novel by Béatrix Beck [1952]