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France is known for its cheeses, but even in France some cheeses are better than others.

This irresistible, meltable cheese comes in both large and small disks and has a white, edible rind. The color ranges from a creamy white to gold and it can be made by hand or in a factory. Brie can be eaten out of hand or as an ingredient in hot or cold recipes. The buyer should beware that a lot of cheeses that call themselves “brie” really aren’t. The best place to find real brie is in a cheese store or a quality store with a cheese section. Ask for it specifically.

This cheese is also made out of cow’s milk and like brie, comes in disks and has an edible rind. It has a heartier flavor than brie, and some people complain that it tastes like soap. It is used much the same way as brie.

This is a blue cheese made from sheep’s milk. It crumbles well and has a creamy texture, tangy taste and strong but not unpleasant smell. It’s eaten out of hand and is also an ingredient in cooking.

Bleu d’Auvergne
This is a strong blue cheese, made from cow’s milk. Like real Champagne, bleu d’Avergne can only be made in one locality. In this case it’s Auvergne.

Pouligny St. Pierre
This is a cheese made from goat’s milk. It’s cut into wedges and has a smooth, lovely mouth feel.