Thursday, February 9, 2023
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CALENDRIER des Festivals

Tous les festivals de l’été 2023. Le Calendrier des festivals. Festivals de musique. Fêtes.Théâtre de rue.Festivals de cinéma.Poésie.Théâtre.Festivals de jardins.Fêtes du vin et du champagne.Tournois...

The wine and the Vine

Time of the Wolf


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Paris 2004 Olympic Mascot The Phryges

Les Phryges. The Phryges have been chosen by the organising Commitees of the Paris Olympic games to be the official mascots of Paris 2004. The Phryges...

Guide to France guidebooks

France Guide Books The travel section at your local bookstore can be as seductive and bewildering as the foreign countries you want to visit. Which...

Glossary- French Real Estate Terms

Buying or selling a house in France can be complicated.Le Francophile has compiled a glossary of French real estate terms as part of our...

Buying a House in France: The Legal Dimension

Buying a house in France So you're surfing the net:you've been dreaming about buying a house in France. And you see an ad for an...

How to manage a wine cellar

How to manage a wine cellar Managing your cellar means working for your pleasure. We no longer drink by fashion, by tradition, but for enjoyment,...

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