Le Francophile is about French Culture and it is written both in English and French.  Vous avez sûrement remarqué que Le Francophile est totalement bilingue?  This is voluntary because the best way to live and feel a Culture is by total immersion.  C’est la meilleure façon de faire vivre l’expérience de la Culture Française.

Le Francophile | The Bilingual Magazine of French Culture

Le Francophile | Le Magazine Bilingue de la French Culture

This site is also dedicated to travelers seeding an intimate and genuine look at « Art de vivre », the art of living as it is called in France.

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LeFrancophile Communication Service 401 Avenue Des Aunes, Magog, Québec Canada (819) 769-1407 Email/courriel: direction@lefrancophile.com

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First published in print in 1996, LeFrancophile magazine is one of the most established website serving the US Francophile audience. It was acquired and re-launched by mbWeb in 2014, France specialist since 1997 and publishers of AccordéonMusette magazine devoted to French Café music with musette accordion.

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